What is Obesity?

From the U.S.A. to India obesity has been converted to an epidemic. In every second house, you can see an obese person adult, old or child, everyone can come in this deadly condition. If BMI is more than 35 then medically it can be said that the person is obese.

The most common phenomenon for obesity is that if you want to drop some weight, you have to make an effort for healthy food with a frequent exercise schedule, but for some people shedding pounds is tougher than one might think. When diet and exercise do not work then some individuals should consider the weight loss surgery option.

Types of Obesity treatment and surgery at Sentara Hospital

Mainly two obesity surgical procedures were performed at Sentara Hospital, which includes gastric bypass surgery and adjustable gastric banding. For those who want to lose weight, bariatric surgery (also called weight-loss surgery) has an excellent long-term track record.

Obesity surgery care at Sentara Hospital, Chandkheda Ahmedabad

At Sentara Hospital, before obesity surgery, we evaluate completely the process, outcomes, and after-surgery life.

It needs to understand that obesity does not end forever with the surgeries, it might be back. At Sentara Hospital, we care for our patients that their obesity should not be back. We advise long-term lifestyle changes so that you could remain obesity-free lifelong.