Best Hip replacement Doctor in Ahmedabad

Hip Replacement Surgery in Ahmedabad

Hip Replacement surgery is procedure of the hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant, that is, a hip prosthesis.

Meet the Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad

There are many hip joint replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad. But Dr. Jenish Patel one of the best hip replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Sabarmati, Chandkheda, Motera, Gandhinagar. He is most experienced and highly qualified doctor for hip replacement surgery.

Hip Replacement Recovery Time

Generally hip replacement recovery can take around five to six weeks. But there is lots of conditions how active you are, age, nutrition, immunity power and other health and lifestyle.

Types of Hip Replacement Surgery:

Total Hip Replacement Surgery: Total Hip Replacement Surgery is also known as hip arthroplasty the damaged bone and ligament is removed and replaced with prosthetic parts.

Partial Hip Replacement Surgery: Partial hip replacement is the procedure of replaces the ball of your hip joint, but not the attachment. The fake part is made of ceramic, metal or plastic. This sort of a surgery procedure is done to fix specific kinds of hip joint fractures.

Hip Resurfacing: Hip resurfacing is the surgery of femoral head isn't eliminated, however is rather managed and covered with a smooth metal covering. The harmed bone and ligament inside the joints attachment is replaced with a metal shell, similarly as in a traditional total hip replacement.

What is the hip replacement surgery cost?

At, Sentara Hospital the average (THR) hip replacement surgery cost is 2 Lakh to 2.50 Lakh in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We offer affordable price package for hip replacement surgery India. But its totally depends on cost of hip implants and hospitalization periods.